Religious Links/Grief Support: Cartoon Links: Truck Safety Links:

There are 3 different groups of links on this page:

The first is a list of Web Sites that are good resources for learning about the Bible. Justin enjoyed spiritual discussions and was always questioning and searching for truth. Also included here are links to help us understand the grief journey.

The next group will take you to Justin's other passion; cartooning. We have chosen some very good artists that take this medium seriously.

The last group involves an area of interest that was forced upon us after Justin's death, which is the topic of Truck Safety. Please take the time to look into this problem. The life you save may be your child's.

Religious Links and Grief Support

Gardendale church of Christ Good Articles
Interactive Bible Very good Site by Steve Rudd
Compassionate Friends A good resource for the grieving and those that support them.
Experiences of Grief This site will help you to understand the pain.

Cartoon Sites. (Some Well-Known and Some Not-So-Well-Known)
Christian Cartoons (dot) Com
Calvin and Hobbes Justin's Favorite! Also learn about Bill Watterson, He was Justin's inspiration.
The Back Pew Very Good Christian Cartoons

Truck Safety Coalition - Parents Against Tired Truckers