About our Family

Roger Nash

Justin's father is Roger Nash. Roger is retired from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) where he worked as the manager of the Elevator Maintenance Department.

Tami Nash

Justin's mother is Tami Nash. Tami is a homemaker who has devoted her life to caring for her husband and children. Because of past health problems, she developed an interest in natural healing and continues to use her knowledge to help others.  She is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and a Holistic Health Practitioner.  

She also teaches a weekly Community Bible Study in the Gardendale, Alabama area.  

Bryan Nash

Roger and Tami's only other child is Bryan Nash. Bryan was thirteen when his brother Justin was killed.

Bryan is married to Alyse (Robinson). They have 2 sons, CJ & Easton. Bryan and Alyse live in Salem Indiana where Bryan preaches for the Eastview Church of Christ.