Enjoy Life, But Think Eternal

Justin's Dream
One thing that Justin wanted to accomplish in this life was to be a published Cartoonist. Although he submitted a great deal of work for consideration, he had not yet fulfilled that dream. By publishing this collection of his work we hope to allow others to appreciate his work and perhaps be encouraged as well.

Information about the Book
Enjoy life, But Think Eternal is a collection of some of Justin's thought provoking cartoons coupled with articles that were written by Godly men from around the world who knew Justin. The cartoons make a spiritual point, and the accompanying articles encourage the reader to consider God's will about the topic at hand.

You will find the unique combination of cartoons and articles to be especially appealing to Teenagers, and an great way to help them see the importance of thinking about their eternal lives.

Below is the table of contents for the book

All Cartoons Are The Original Artwork Of Justin Nash

Edited By Roger Nash
Foreward By Bill Hall

- In Loving Memory
- Acknowledgements
- Introduction
1 Are You Searching For Truth - Gary Ray
2 The Power Of Thought - Robert Pharr
3 Who Am I? - Chuck Bartlett
4 Fatal Attractions - David Hartsell
5 Can You Change - Rick Hill
6 How Do You Know Its True Love? - Leonard Rogol
7 We All Need Friends - Joe Works
8 Caution: Danger Ahead! - Kevin Morrow
9 Life Can Be A Maze - Jeff May
10 A Picture of Priorities - Martin Bragwell
11 I Just Don't Get It! - Darrin Faris
12 Looking At The Big Picture - Barry Gravitt
13 Vacation Time - R.J. Stevens
14 Marrying The Right Person - Bill Hall
15 Count Your Blessings - Paul Williams
16 The Properly Prepared Soldier - Bill Gandy
17 We Are At War! - Jeff May
18 Are You Prepared For The Final? - Rusty Green
19 Waiting Till The Last Minute - David Short
20 The Heavens Declare His Handiwork - Bill Hall
21 Who Is Justin Nash? - Roger Nash
- About The Contributors

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